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7620 Metcalf Avenue Suite E Overland Park, Kansas, United States 64155

Over the past 7 years, gold has soared to record highs. Now, in these tough economic times, many consumers are wondering how to sell their gold. When you want to sell gold, whether it is old, broken, and unwanted jewelry or gold coins and bullion, there is one important rule of thumb: an educated consumer is a smart consumer. If you are selling old gold jewelry, much of the retail price takes into account the specific piece's artistic design and the retail price usually reflects a 300-400% markup relative to the cost of the actual materials. For example, a $300 unwanted gold wedding ring or herringbone gold necklace probably had about $100 in actual gold value at the time the item was made. In the scrap gold market, the items are usually sold at some discount to the actual gold value - usually anywhere from 20-50% depending on how you sell your gold.  Four convenient locations to serve you.

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